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me my entire life is a series of poor judgement strung together with too many well vodka sprites and tequila shots. i also occasionally play around in photoshop and pretend i'm talented.

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If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.

Q: Will we see Oliver have a challenge in being truthful and honest with [Felicity], or is that part of their attraction, that he can’t be honest and truthful with her?

A: What’s fun about the season premiere is you do get to see him be honest and truthful with her. For both good and bad. I think he’s finally revealing some secrets that she didn’t know. And her reaction to those secrets is interesting.

I think they’re in love with each other, and when you’re in love with someone it’s very hard for that person you love to tell you something that’s going to make you fall out of love with them instantaneously. But that emotional intimacy deepens their relationship, deepens their connection.

(Marc Guggenheim on Oliver and Felicity in season 3 (x))

When the movie releases, are you prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids? What will it mean to you? (x)

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Buff Chris-es and their proud co-stars

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Chris Pratt is actually the nicest most humble celebrity in the world. Fact.